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WPX Hosting Discount Coupon & Deals 2017

In this post check details about the latest 2017 WPXHosting Coupon Codes, Discount sale. If you need a SUPER FAST WEBSITE WORDPRESS HOSTING, then We Recommend WPX Hosting.

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If you were looking to buy best-managed WordPress hosting to start your blogging career or Looking for the change from you old hosting provider, then we HIGHLY RECOMMEND "WPX Hosting" web hosting service for you.

Shane Melaugh, from Thrive Themes, tells that "WPX Hosting is the first (and so far the only) WordPress hosting solution that we can 100% get behind". Not only the Shane Melaugh, Most of the Top Internet Marketers recommends WPX Hosting and also they use this to host their blogs also.

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Note: If you use the domain from GoDaddy or other providers, don't forget to point your domain DNS towards wpx hosting nameservers then only it will work.

WPX Hosting Review 2017

With the rapid digitization of the world, the realm of World Wide Web has gained so much importance. Numerous people are trying to make their mark in the online realm. But the basic thing that is needed is a fully functional website. Though there are several steps involved in creating a website like registering a perfect domain name but the most important step has to be availing a perfect web hosting service.

Web Hosting is an essential service, something that every website requires. Every website requires access to the internet and adequate storage space to store their website data. And website hosting serves as the platform that provides your website with all these facilities. A wide range of web hosts are available but when it comes to amazing service, robust customer support, and affordable pricing then WPX hosting web hosting is what you need to choose.

Now, there are several steps involved in creating a website; the first being registering a proper domain name. But the most important step in creating a website is perhaps choosing the website hosting services. The web hosting is actually key service that every website requires to be viewed on the internet. Now, there is a multitude of web hosts offering you the hosting services thus it becomes very hard for anyone to choose the right web host. So, which web host do you need to choose?

Even if WPX is not such a popular name, most of the bloggers are not familiar with, but those who have been using their services will agree that it is one of the finest web hosting services available in the market today. However, if you consider the page views; WPX hosting has 50 million views per month. By availing the desired hosting plan from this service provider, one can host multiple websites just by making the use of the same hosting plan.

WPX hosting claims to be the fastest providers of WordPress hosting rather they specialize in WordPress and one of the most affordable ones. They offer 24*7 customer support to their users for all the 365 days. But is there any base to that claims? Well, even though it is not a popular one and do not invest thousands of dollars in promoting their company; but the services that the company offers are best in class and they are completely satisfactory. Their premium services had helped them to secure a higher rank by defeating other hosting providers.

Still not convinced about switching to WPX hosting? Well, then this WPX hosting review will be helpful enough to take the right decision.

What are the main features of the WPX hosting?

Although the WPX hosting does not offer a throng of different web hosting plans but the fact that it provides some amazing features is truly undeniable! So, what are the main features that you will avail from this web hosting company? Well, it is not possible to list them all but here are few to provide you with a glimpse:

Maximum Uptime

Server crashes are one thing that irritates every website owner. Due to these downtimes in your server, you lose a lot of web traffic since your visitor cannot find your website on the internet and it becomes a reason for your headache. But WPX hosting offers you 99.5 percent uptime and almost zero downtime thereby helps you to get more traffic and earn more profits.

Unlimited Free wpx hosting SSL

This is one feature that is completely unique to WPX! SSL or the security certificates have become a huge necessity for every website or blog owner due to the increasing cyber crimes. An SSL Certificate protects you from all kinds of cyber threats and also helps in getting good ranks on Google. But the main problem with the SSL certificates is that they are costly and are too difficult to install on the website. But WPX hosting offers you free SSL along with their hosting plan and you will be installing it to your website without any hassles in just a few minutes. Is not that intimidating?

Host multiple websites under a single plan

Yes! Each hosting plan of WPX hosting allows you to host multiple websites instead of just one. Hence, you will be able to host multiple domains in the price of just one.

Daily Backup

The horrors of losing all the website data terrorizes every website owner. But with the WPX hosting, you will never have to worry about it since your website data gets backed up on a daily basis.

1-click Installation of WordPress

Though there are other website building platforms available like Joomla and Drupal but WordPress is the best among them. WordPress provides an easy to use interface for your website and makes it very easy to manage it. WPX hosting allows you to install WordPress to your website from your cPanel with just a single click. Thus, it is completely hassling free to install and start your website.

24/7 Customer Support

You may face any problem regarding your hosting account at any time but it becomes too hard for anyone to troubleshoot the problem without proper aid. But with WPX hosting that is not a problem since you can get proper technical support from the WPX executive 24/7 without any hassle.

WpxHosting Plans

3 Best SSD Managed WordPress Plans,

  • Business
  • Professional
  • Elite

Wordpress Hosting Plans - Traffic Planet Hosting Black Friday Deals

Why do you need to choose WPX hosting?

Apart from the amazing features that WPX offers their customers, there is a throng of advantages that the web host provides. These advantages that you get from WPX are unique and are absolutely worth vouching for. So, why do you need to choose WPX hosting? Have a look:


Most of the web hosting services are heavily priced, which make them almost impossible for the common people to afford. But at WPX hosting, you will be able to avail the services at a nominal price and there is always perfect package for you to choose from. Moreover, the web host gives away the WPX hosting discount coupons very often which you can avail to get amazing discounts on your web hosting package.

Makes your website faster than you can even imagine

Best server resources are used by WPX which not only increases the server uptime significantly but also reduces the page loading time significantly. Thus, your web pages open at a lightning fast speed and your visitors get a wonderful experience surfing your website.

30 days money back policy

Most of the web hosting providers do not provide the quality service as they promise after having charged the money. The server crashes become frequent and the website owners have to deal with a fleet of problems. But with WPX you will never have to experience that humiliation since you will always have the option to get your money back completely if you face any problem within the first 30 days of the service.

Free Migration

You may not feel satisfied with the services that WPX is providing but changing your hosting website means creating your website from the start. Or does it really imply that? No! You will have always the option of free migration or to change your web hosting provider without any cost at anytime you want and WPX will gladly carry out your request.

WPX vs WPEngine vs Hostgator vs Bluehost

Traffic Planet Hosting Black Friday Sale Comparsions with Hostgator, Wpengine , Bluehost.

50% OFF WPX Hosting Coupon Features

  • Fastest WordPress Hosting Services.
  • FREE site migration from your current hosting service.
  • Fully compatible with Woo Commerce.
  • Superfast SSD servers and PHP caching.
  • Co-located in the world's largest data center.
  • Industry leading page load speed.
  • FREE SSL certificate - installation in under 10 seconds.
  • 24/7/365 Hour Ultra Fast Support.
  • Daily backups

WPX Hosting Discount Coupon & Promo Code 2017

Though there is still room for improvement but still the features and the advantages that WPX provides are literally unmatched. WPX Hosting offers you something that most of the popular web hosts fail to provide and that is efficient service. So, avail the WPX hosting for your website and pave the way for your online business or blogging site to succeed.

There is no doubt that WPX Hosting is top recommended web hosting company from many authority bloggers. You can go with this company and you won’t be making any wrong decision. They offer exclusive hosting features all time guaranteed up time. Share our WPX Hosting Discount Coupons 2017 on social media.

WPX Hosting Promo Codes 2017
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  • Support
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